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Eiffel TowerEiffel TowerEiffel TowerEiffel TowerEiffel TowerEiffel TowerEiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower (Paris)

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An iron tower built in 1889 by French architect Gustave Eiffel as the main attraction of the universal exposition, which marked the centennial of the French Revolution. It was supposed to be torn down after a few years but it was saved by it's popularity and after it was useful as a communications tower. Now it is an iconic symbol of France. It is 324 metres high, featuring three floors. To ascend the tower, you must take the lift (Up to the first and second floors. to get to the summit, you must take a separate lift on the second floor.) or the stairs (up to the first and second floors only.)
Practical informations :
The First Floor of the Eiffel Tower is 95 metres above sea level (hence the name of the resturant on the floor, Altitude 95.) The Top Floor of the Tower has:
Interior Orientation Panels
Exterior Viewing platform
Wax Replica of Gustave Eiffel and Thomas Edison in a Reconstruction of Eiffel's Flat
Multiple Antennae (not open to public)

Second floor:
From this floor, you can take the lift to the top of the Tower.
Towards the west pillar (interior): A Glass window to look into the "Gouffre", the name given to the central void beneath the tower.
Boutiques and a Buffet.
Exterior Viewing Platforms
Le Jules Verne Resturant. (see southern pillar placemark.)
With its view over Paris, this is the perfect floor to take photographs of the city.

Things to look for:
A section of the original spiral staircase
A piece of the tower suspended in a glass orb showing the various paint schemes the tower has had.
A small observatory observing the movements of the summit of the tower
Cineiffel - A permanent exhibition showing the history of the tower through films and photographs.
Post office - Impress your friends by sending a postcard from the tower.
Views - A collection of panels pick out monuments and places of interest to the viewer. Look out for the Arc de Triomphe towards the north.
There are 333 steps to the first floor. Get walking.
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il y a 24 mois Echidna from Russian F   +17
It's a very beautiful tower!!! I've never seen it with my own eyes, but I think it's really great!
il y a 21 mois ITwiki   +6
breath taking!!
il y a 15 mois   +8
Those are some great pictures of the Eiffel Tower!

It's truely an awe-inspiring work of art.
il y a 14 mois marjorie   +6
a great experience!!!
il y a 13 mois   +8
Today, it's really funny to remember how many people, including known artists and architects, true lovers of Paris, protested against the construction and insisted that "the ugly iron thing" would be a shame for Paris. He, he: now the tower is the city's Emblem No.1, the most Parisian thing known, more famous then even the Louvre and the Notre Damme...
il y a 12 mois Pront   +8
I've been here the other week. It was GREAT. Although the middle kinda creates some kind of wind vortex thing, so the winds in the middle of the Eiffel are very strong. Nevertheless the trip to the top was worth my 11.60 euros. :D
il y a 11 mois   +8
i hope one day I'll be here ,
it was and will always be the New World Wonder nominee.
because it is a World Wonder
il y a 9 mois harry   +5
il y a 8 mois Nouman shah.   +7
i hope one day I'll be here ,to see this eiffel tower in paris
It's a very beautiful tower!!! I've never seen it with my own eyes, but I think it's really great!i am a pakiatani workeing in saudi arabia.i like to see paris .
il y a 8 mois Dan   +8
I've been up there twice. It's one of the best towers in the world. It's a perfect view of Paris.
il y a 6 mois mi amore shae   +6's so nice here!!love it!
il y a 6 mois anysa   +5
someday i will be here with my husband..
have a great honeymoon there ^_^
il y a 6 mois Georgie   +4
Picture 5 is of the Blackpool Tower.
il y a 6 mois   +2
N'importe quoi ! You say anything. Photograph 5 is due to Roman Bonnefoy. It has been taken from the stade Dupleix (the buidings are at the corner of the "rue Suffren", and "avenue de Buenos Aires") and it is published in wikipedia :
But the blackpool tower is wonderfull, and worth some advertisement ! ;-)
il y a 5 mois nathandg0924   +5
I would like to go here someday. Its beautiful!
il y a 5 mois лдтолр   -1
il y a 3 mois HNY   0
THAT is jst so beautiful! i've neva been there b4 but jst lookin at its satellite view makes me feel the greatness of it!!
il y a 3 mois   +2
il y a 3 mois 7777777   0
I want to got to this place
il y a 2 mois alifreni   0
i wish i can go there, with my husband and all of my children..
it will be a very beautiful momment,i guest..
il y a 2 mois katÜ   0
aaahhww.... i always wanted to go to PARIS and see Eiffel Tower..:(
il y a 2 mois   0
il y a un mois Ponkiller   -2
i cant belive that the first people who say this sructure tought it madethe city look horrible
il y a 10 jours hi   -2
its my anus'

il y a 10 jours hi   -2
I AM PIERRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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